Annual + Online Fundraising

In the old days (pre-2010), annual funds and online fundraising were different entities. The annual fund consisted of renewable, unrestricted gifts of a certain size, usually solicited by direct mail and/or phone, and online fundraising meant gifts secured via email or on your website. Today, these two entities are coming together, as online fundraising replaces direct mail and other annual fund tools.
At H2Growth, we believe that annual/online fundraising, like any other type, requires a clear and focused strategy. For maximum impact, it should also be integrated with the other types of fundraising your organization is doing. Online fundraising works best if you can establish a sense of urgency, craft a short, clear call-to-action, tell your story visually and make it easy to donate. It only works well if you already have an engaged online community that is passionate about your cause.
We use the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) framework to ask the questions that engage stakeholders so they will give online when asked. Some examples include:
  • What’s important to you about our organization?
  • What would you like to see more of?
  • How can we engage you further?
Our services include:
  • Building coordinated, multi-channel campaigns including online fundraising
  • Assessing your organization’s readiness for online fundraising and recommending steps to take to become ready
  • Developing messaging for online fundraising asks, including targeted messaging for different prospect groups
  • Designing emails and web pages for online campaigns
  • Measuring results of online campaigns and recommending changes for the next campaign

Learn how we can assist in driving your strategic agenda.

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