Improving performance, increasing revenues and generating change for greater, lasting social impact.

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With its network of specialists, H2Growth Strategies offers comprehensive counsel and services in the U.S. and abroad to build leadership, improve performance, and increase impact.

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Principals Linda C. Hartley and Vivien Hoexter have assembled a network of stellar specialists. H2Growth Strategies combines creative problem solving with planning, development and marketing to achieve bottom-line results for corporations, foundations and nonprofits.

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Linda Hartley Square


Linda C. Hartley, Principal

Hartley combines an MBA in management (NYU-Stern) with over 35 years experience working with boards and staff to achieve their strategic and financial goals. Through board building and development initiatives, she has helped U.S. and international organizations raise over $800 million.

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Vivien Hoexter


Vivien Hoexter, Principal

Hoexter combines an MBA in marketing (Wharton-UPENN) with over 20 years experience working with nonprofits and foundations to develop strategic plans, refine strategies, market more effectively, and increase both contributed and earned revenues. She also coaches executives currently in leadership roles and/or transitioning to new ones.

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