Corporate Social Responsibility + Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means different things to different organizations. For some, the focus is on contributing to the community; for others, the focus may be on managing environmental impact or building diversity, inclusiveness and employee engagement. According to the Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative at Harvard Kennedy School of Government:
Corporate social responsibility encompasses not only what companies do with their profits, but also how they make them. It goes beyond philanthropy and compliance and addresses how companies manage their economic, social, and environmental impacts, as well as their relationships in all key spheres of influence: the workplace, the marketplace, the supply chain, the community, and the public policy realm.
CSR  goes by many names, among them: Corporate Responsibility, Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Corporate or Global Citizenship, Shared Value, and Triple Bottom Line – People, Profit, Planet. At its best, CSR is embedded into a company’s business and drives innovation, creates value and positively impacts society-at-large.
At H2Growth, we believe CSR is a journey and realize that companies may be at different points along the continuum. We can help companies as they embark on CSR,  seek to reinvigorate or refine their approach to CSR, and as they further integrate CSR into their business.
Our services include:
  • CSR strategy development
  • CSR program design, implementation, evaluation
  • Sustainability/CSR reporting including materiality assessment and related communications

Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate Philanthropy is one way companies engage in CSR. As a company, aligning your giving strategy with your business strategy is key for achieving the greatest impact on your business, employees and communities. As a non-profit, it is just as important to ensure that your company partners align with your mission, programs and communities served.
With experience on both sides of the for-profit/non-profit relationship, we can help research and cultivate strong partnerships.
We can also help build, manage and evaluate programs, including:
  • Grants management
  • Employee volunteerism and engagement
  • Workplace giving
  • Board development

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